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Removing whitespace from HTML with OptimizeASP.NET

Oct 28, 2010 at 8:49 PM


I have a site in .Net MVC 2 working in DiscountASP.Net.

I´d like to remove the whitespace in my pages and I´m trying to doing with OptimizeASP.NET (

As I read in this article I did put the WebOptimizer.dll in my Bin folder and added this line in my Web.Config:
<add name="RemoveWhitespaceModule" type="WebOptimizer.Modules.RemoveWhitespaceModule, WebOptimizer" />

In my localhost (with VS2010) with works perfectly. All pages are "compressed" removing the whitespaces. But I upload my site and the pages in production has no one changes. You can verify the source of my home:

Some have installed the OptimizeASP.NET and / or removing the whitespace of html pages?